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Membership in the association shall consist of full, life, emeritus and honorary membership. Honorary members shall have the rights and privilege of full members except the right to hold an office, serve as an official delegate or serve as a committee chairman.

Full membership shall consist of faculty and staff with any percentage Extension appointment from North Carolina State University and North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University working at a statewide or regional capacity.

Examples of eligible personnel include (but are not limited to): Extension Specialists, Extension Associates, Extension Assistants, Extension Technicians, Program Managers, Program Directors, Program Coordinators, and Area Specialized Agents.

Life membership shall consist of active or retired Extension workers formerly holding full or associate membership and who pay life membership dues.

Emeritus membership shall consist of individuals who were full or associate NCACES members and served for ten or more years in a full-time position at NC State University or NC A&T State University.

Honorary membership shall consist of individuals approved by the executive committee.

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Dues, collected by the Treasurer at association meetings, are $20 annually. Make checks out to NCACES and send to: S Gary Bullen, Campus Box 8109 Raleigh NC 27695-8109. Members can pay for multiple years. Alternate payment methods are available. Contact Gary for details at: