2019 NCACES Award Winners!

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Outstanding Subject Matter Program by a Team
(Tie – 2 awards were given in this category)

  1. Local Food Program Team for their work on the Agritourism Curriculum:

  Becky Bowen, Janine Parker, Laura Lauffer, Matt Lenhardt, Greg Traywick,          Guido van der Hoeven, Carla Barbieri
The curriculum is a product of the Economic Impacts Work Group of the N.C. Cooperative Extension Local Food Program Team. This eight module lesson        plan helps Extension agents to provide assistance to farmers and growers          who are seeking to engage in agritourism activities.

  1. Drs. Krish Eberle-Krish and Kenneth Anderson (both from NC State University Prestage Department of Poultry Science), Dr. KSU Jayarante (NC State Extension) and Dr. Michael Martin (NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine) in recognition for their education and outreach services in the area of zoonotic disease prevention and response with poultry producers. The team has been very instrumental in providing producers with technological options for depopulating laying hens in the event of a notifiable emergency disease outbreak.

Outstanding Subject Matter Program by an Individual

Dr. Matthew Vann, Tobacco Extension Specialist
For the Development and delivery of educational programming for all areas in agronomic production and management of flue-cured and burley tobacco. Since starting in 2015, he has lead the Tobacco Extension Team and has served as a coordinator and trainer for several agricultural agent training events each year. Dr. Vann also assists with Tobacco Short Courses and has collaborated on-farm research with agents in multiple counties which has further developed Extension recommendations for nutrient application and weed management in these regions. He has co-authored several chapters in Flue-Cured Tobacco Guide and multi-guide Burley and Dark Tobacco Production Guide, and several Extension Bulletins focusing to tobacco nutrient management.

Outstanding Specialist

Dr. Carl Crozier, Soil Science Specialist
Nominated by Pamlico County for his exceptional experience and advice he has provided to local agents in respect to soil fertility, crop diagnostics, and management of on-farm research trails. The nominator commented about Dr. Crozier’s accessibility and helpfulness. He says, “when issues arise, Dr. Crozier will take the time to visit with growers and agents in their individual counties, offering not only consultation, but helping county agents coordinate and resolve issues that may require additional matter expertise…”