Dr. Michelle Eley, Community and Economic Development Specialist, Received an Award for Her Exceptional Work Bringing “Voices of Vance” Project to Vance County

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Dr. Eley helped to empower the citizens of Vance County by giving new and non-traditional audiences a voice. The project aims to bring citizens together to help create a more vibrant community in Vance County.

Participants who went through the program were equipped with leadership skills to create work groups in the community to help address community issues, and three major work groups created from the project are still meeting today working to make a positive change in Vance County.

Dr. Eley is always taking advantage of opportunities to reach out to staff in the counties across North Carolina about the latest programming opportunities she has to offer. She is very approachable and goes above and beyond to make field staff feel supported as she stays in contact with via phone, email blast, and occasional county visits. The Vance County Team and the community called Dr. Eley “an honorary” Home Town Heroine.