2018 Award for “Outstanding Subject Matter Program by a Team Award” was Tied 

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The first award goes to Speedway to Healthy, a program designed to improve eating and health behaviors among NC youth. 

Team members Dr. Claudette Smith, Dr. Carinthia Cherry and Shawnee Robinson developed the Speedway to Healthy, a 1,200-square-foot walk-through learning environment representing the human body. Youth journey through the body in a race to health, visiting 11 pit-stops where volunteers provide an interactive learning experience about nutrition and health. The Speedway to Healthy targets youth in kindergarten through 5th grade and includes classroom activities that are based on North Carolina Essential Standards and Standard Course of Study to enhance the experience and to ensure that it is relevant to classroom instruction. At the finish line, North Carolina’s youth have learned the link between nutrition, health, and physical activity; build the skills needed to practice lifelong healthy behaviors; and improve their health status. After going through the Speedway to Healthy exhibit, students indicated that they intended to eat vegetables and make healthy choices.

And the tie for “The Outstanding Subject Matter Program by a Team Award” goes to the Extension Master Food Volunteer Program (EMFV), a program that supports FCS agents in the delivery of food and nutrition programs by providing formalized training to volunteers and a volunteer management system. Extension Master Food Volunteer Program team image

This program gives FCS agents the tools and resources they need to strengthen their programming in food and nutrition, as well as to expand their capacity to serve multiple counties. The EMFV program also provides a way for volunteers to deepen their community engagement while multiplying the impacts of Extension programs. For 2017, the seven agents who participated in the EMFV pilot have a total of 31 volunteers, who have contributed 1,149 volunteer service hours and reached 5,140 contacts in eleven counties. Team members include Dr. Dara BloomZandra Alford, Geri Bushel, Ben Chapman, Carolyn Dunn, Harriett Edwards, Annie Hardison-Moody, Lindsey Haynes-Maslow, Gretchen Hofing, Katrina Levine, Joanna Lelekacs, Robyn Stout, Tessa Thraves, Michelle Estrada, Sue Estridge, Kristin Davis, Tracy Davis.