Park Scholarships Program Invites Sponsors (Proposals Due July 15th)

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The Park Scholarships program invites Sponsors (Agency Sponsors or Independent Sponsors) to submit proposals for Civic Engagement Initiatives (CEIs) for the 2016-17 academic year.
Proposals are due Wednesday, July 15.
The goals of the CEI program are to introduce Park Scholars to community needs and how organizations operate to address those needs, create beneficial community change, and teach Park Scholars skills they can use to make lifelong community contributions. Sophomore Park Scholars work in small groups (2-3) during the fall and spring semesters, each under the guidance of a junior or senior Park Scholar or a Park Scholar alumnus/a, to implement solutions to community challenges. The time dedicated to plan and implement each CEI is approximately 80-120 hours.
Proposal Process
  • Agency Sponsors will submit 2-3 ideas of possible initiatives for a team to take on. Final initiative will be mutually selected by the team and Agency if they are matched in August.
  • Independent Sponsors will submit an idea for one initiative, along with an endorsement from an Affiliate (agency or NC State faculty/staff).
  • Our committee will notify proposals/Sponsors by August 5.
  • If needed, Sponsors will resubmit proposal(s) by August 12.
  • Accepted Sponsors attend a fair on August 24.
  • Students are matched to CEIs by August 30.
  • Selected initiatives completed by May 1.
Please see the attached document for more details and access to submitting proposals. (Also available via Google docs here.)